User Agreement

The www.jdemenato.cz portal ("Portal") is operated by jPower8, s.r.o. company with identification number of 24736481 ("Company"). Its purpose is to allow end users ("Users") to book a services provided by third parties ("Partners").

User Statement: I allow the Company to collect, record and process personal details provided via the Portal. I realize my rights given by § 12 and 21 of the law nr. 101/2000 Sb. - Personal details protection. I approve all filled in details of this form as genuine and provided at free will.

I also allow providing personal details to third parties, namely to those Partners where I have made a booking. Personal details will be used to inform about unexpected events (a need of booking cancelation) and for commercial anouncements of the Portal or Partners.

The users of the Portal are required to get to know and follow operational rules of those Partners where a reservation has been made. The company takes responsibility neither for improper or unsatisfactory discharge of the service booked via the Portal nor for any injury or damage caused during a realization of booked services.

The jPower8, s.r.o. company reserves a right to change this user agreement. All users are required to be familiar with current User Agreement.